Personal journaling about Day 1 of writing and editing: A Love of Journaling: The 2022 Collection Edition

 As you know from reading this blog, I am in the process of writing and editing this journaling and writing project:



(The big book of everything you ever wanted to know about journaling)

A Love of Journaling Series 

By Stacy Duplease

A Love of Journaling, LLC


I started to work on this again on April 14, 2022, Thursday... and I do not think I can begin to describe how much it has blessed me.

A LITTLE BACKGROUND: I started working on this back in 2010 and have looked at it, and worked on it, from time to time ever since, including in January of this year.

How could I forget how passionate I am about this project?

How could I forget how much it matters to me?

Journaling matters.

Stories matter.

Journaling makes us better people and we live better lives through and because of journaling. 

It's important to capture our lives on the page.

After all...

Stories shape our lives.

{Journal your thoughts on what you just read or about anything else that comes to mind.}