Stories shape our lives

 Stories shape our lives.

The stories we live (experience), witness (watch), hear, tell, and read shape our lives.

Stories are important. All of them.

No story is less important than another. Every story transforms us.

Every moment of our lives is a story and a memory.

Every day has multiple moments (memories), which are multiple stories.

Those are examples of stories with a lowercase 's'.

However, there are Stories with a capitalized 'S'. These Stories are our Life Stories. They are the Stories of our lives. They are all of our experiences, our moments, and our small 's' stories.

Every moment, memory, and story has value and meaning. But, there is. more to it than that. For, every story is sacred.

Every story matters.

Every story is important.

Stories shape our lives.

Since every moment is sacred, and is important, and since our lives are the sum total of all our memories (our moments), it is essential we live every moment as something special, sacred, and something worth remembering.

Even in a moment of challenge or storm, we are still making a memory. We are still living the moment. Thus, despite the storm of the moment, look around for the sunshine. After all, just because we cannot see the sunshine, it does not make the sun less bright when the clouds obscure our vision. The sun is always shining. The sun is always there, even when it cannot be seen, during times of clouds, storms, or nighttime, We have the choice to focus on the storm clouds or on the sunshine. We can focus on the dark of night or on the knowledge the sun is still there and still shines.

Be alive in every moment. Look for the sunshine (the blessings).

Do not get so caught up in the extraneous variables of life and forget to fully live in this moment, whether it is one of sunshine, nighttime, storm, or intermittent clouds.

Value everyone and their stories. After all, stories matter and we are all connected because of and through our stories.

Every story shows who has lived.

Every story reveals how individuals have lived.

Every story matters.

The more stories we hear and read, the more we learn how to fully appreciate every moment. For when we do this, we fully live.

Stories shape our lives.

{Journal your thoughts on what you just read or about anything else that comes to mind.}