The 25 Cent Journals: Using One Subject Spiral Notebooks (An idea for paper and pen journaling and journaling hint and tip)

 Three weeks ago, I went on a writing (journaling) retreat where I was reminded of the importance of SOC Journaling. Moreover, at the retreat, I was reminded of a really good book, which I have been slowly reading. It was from this book I was reminded of what types of mediums to use to do paper and pen journaling. 

I learned the benefits of using the old type of notebooks used in school. You know, the spiral type that are one to 5 subjects. I was told to grab myself a one subject spiral notebook and make it my goal/aim/plan to fill one of those each month.

I was told to fill in every quarter-inch of white space. That saves on trees. Also, there is something rewarding about filling a page.

Then, I was told one of the benefits of using an inexpensive/cheap one subject notebook is that it is not pretty. 

Pardon? I asked myself and thought that through. 

When I spend the money and get a fancy journal, it is pretty. Whether conscious or not, a fancy or pretty journal slants my writing/journaling. That means I will not be as free on the page. (Go with me here as I reason this out.) I will be tempered and will worry about nice handwriting. I will be careful not to beat up the journal. I will not feel as free on the page. It will make my journaling limited and more apt to be perfect and nice. 

Huh, I thought. I let all that roll around in my mind as I thought this through.

My next thought was, well, curses. I have several fancy journals waiting for me to fill. Hmm. Now what?

I wasn't too sold, but decided to give it a try. 

I started a week ago and I have to admit something. I will not go back. Using a cheap spiral notebook has freed me and my journaling. I am doing more raw and real journaling. I am feeling freer on the page. In turn, I feel more like me. I have found myself because of using this one subject spiral notebook. 

I cannot recommend this enough. 

The one subject spiral notebook ahs changed how I journal.

And it has changed me.

And it has only been one week.

Needless to say, I have decided to use up the blank journals I have now, and will fill one of those, then a cheap spiral notebook, and alternate until all I have are the cheap spiral notebooks to use.

Then, last night, when my husband and I were winding down in bed, my husband B, mentioned to me how Walmart had those notebooks on sale for 25 cents each.


He bought me the maximum allowable amount. 12 of them.

I tell you what. When B and I were dating, I told him I would prefer if he bought me journals to flowers. For me, the value of one journal is like a dozen roses for other women. Needless to say, he bought me a garden last night. (What a good man!)

That brought me a problem, then. I could not go to sleep after that because I was so excited with how cheap they were. Usually, they are 88 cents, but you can buy fancier and pretty ones for $4.00 or less. 

I have a year of journaling just from that purchase, never mind how I probably have a couple of years of fancier journals, along with composition books, that I need to fill up, too. 

B suggested to me treating the fancier journals like a cheap spiral notebook. He said just keep picturing that and not how it is a fancy journal. So, that is what I shall do. Talk about a good suggestion.

I also like how a cheap spiral notebook looks like a cheap spiral notebook. Everyone can see a fancy/pretty journal from a mile away. A cheap spiral one subject notebook, on the other hand, does not scream, "I am a journal!" This brings some protection and privacy to my journal if you ask me. 

So, why don't you give it a try and use a cheap spiral one subject notebook for your journaling? It will change the way you journal and will change you... if you let it. 

A JOURNALING TIP: Keep your finished cheap journals in a plastic tote with locking handles. This protects them, and makes it easy to grab in a natural disaster if you have to evacuate on a moment's notice.