The grass is greener! Wait. Or is it?

I did it again.

I got sidetracked and distracted.

I fell for the lies that there is another bright shiny object out there and that the grass is greener with that other idea... when I know good and well the grass is still grass, no matter the shade. 

My distractions have given me that temporary high of excitement of the next great idea.

But then after a while, my soul becomes heavy.

And I realize that I am missing something.

And I seem to be doing everything but the very thing that I should be doing.

My life is full of this pattern. For decades actually.

When will I learn?

Why do I allow this to happen? 

God can bless a number of ideas and avenues. Sure. But the truth is, I want to do what brings Him glory. The most glory. That brings more people to Him. 

Am I doing that?

Ouch. Nope. I have not been for the last week.

I hang my head in shame and feel like a fool for falling for the distractions once again. 

I need to not worry about anyone says. I just need to do what I know He wants me to be doing. He can and will bless a number of avenues, but I want to be following the one that brings more people to Him. Period. 

I want to help people learn the importance of journaling and how it can free us and our lives in a way that nothing else can. 

I want to help people see that life is not what it could be, if we do not have Him in our lives. That our lives are quite empty unless we turn to Him and the Word and believe in Him. That makes all the difference. That turns life from being bearable to being full of a true peace that no one and nothing in this world can offer us. 

This blog post... this journal entry is me being real and raw here. I'm putting it out there that sometimes I am my own worst enemy. 

I wish I would stay on task for once in my life and do what I am supposed to be doing. 


Lord, help me.

(Written April 07, 2022)