The Progress of My Current Writing Project: A LOVE OF JOURNALING: THE 2022 COLLECTION EDITION (An Update)

 Good day. It's time for me to give an update about my current writing and journaling project.

And it's about time, too. My how things have changed for me this week regarding this project.

So what is this project? It's:


A LOVE OF JOURNALING: THE 2022 COLLECTION EDITION, Vol. 1 (The big book of everything you ever wanted to know about journaling)

A Love of Journaling Series 

By Stacy Duplease


This is the book I want to write, edit, and publish as soon as possible. It's an everything you ever wanted to know about journaling project. That's the simplest description I can give you of what I am working on at the moment.

This has been a book I've tried to write many times since 2009.

This is also a book where I am taking every blog post I have ever written about journaling from 2009 to 2022, along with the couple of books I have published on journaling prior to now... and I am expanding most of them and editing all of these blog posts and books. 

I have wanted to compile a resource of everything you ever wanted to know and do with journaling, with far more prompts that a person could imagine. I want to create the largest resource on journaling out there. This is the pure drive, goal, and ambition of this writing project. 

In fact, I am still writing blog posts on journaling and will add these from April to December 2022 into Volume 2 of this  2022 Collection or Big Books of Journaling.

The only problem is that the publishing platform I am using to publish paper books is limited to number of pages. Hmm... That presents a quandary.

Then add how the chronological approach of compiling the book has added another quandary. 

Therefore, I have had to look at everything again and how I want to write and publish the first book on journaling. It took some head scratching and a couple of nights of sleeping as these dilemmas simmered on the backburner of my mind. 

So... This is what I have decided:

I want to get a book published sooner rather than later so you can have something in your hands. (And selfishly, I want this resource in my hands, too.)

Next, a book of over 800 pages is intimidating and is hefty. So, I have decided to limit this collection to 500 pages and less per volume. Needless to say, there will be multiple volumes through the years.

For the year 2022, I want to publish two volumes, not just one.

In future years, I will write one volume of a collection and will likely do topical books as well.

I want to also write and publish books on Bible and Prayer Journaling each year. Therefore, I will do precisely that.

Moreover, I want to share my journaling in books as well and share my life story.

So these are my future plans and my hope with this present writing project and collection.