When you have had a busy time journaling (journaling through the busyness of life)

 I have had a very busy morning and feel quite haggard and tired and it isn't even noon as I journal this. Then again, this can be said about my life in general the last couple of weeks. I am an introvert and when I have to do all sorts of things out and about, it really fries me and I end up feeling worn out and frazzled.

Never mind how we are in the time of year where we start to extra busy. There's yardwork to do on top of everything else and my husband, B, and I also like to get out and go for drives and to the mountains.

Needless to say, wow, something has got to give. And that's when it's me that's got to give. I need to do something to recharge so I can keep up with all the busy-craziness. That's when I journal through these busy moments/days. Journaling is how I refuel and relax.

Are you with me? Can you relate?

So what do we do? How can journaling help us relax, unwind, and chill through the busyness of life? 

Journaling is meant to help us let go. This is one of the major advantages and benefits of journaling. This is what makes journaling so healthy. 

Journaling Prompts or Questions

How are you busy at the moment?

How are you feeling through this busyness?

What are you thinking during this busyness?

What are you doing that is making you busy?

What are you doing to be kind to yourself? What are you doing for self-care?

Is there anything you can do to slow down?

Can you steal a few minutes and just journal and purge all your stress onto the page?

Count ten blessings in your life. Write them in your journal.

How does counting your blessings help you to de-stress and discover some peace?

List three memories that you've made through this busyness.

List three memories of things that you love to do to de-stress, relax, and breathe.

List ten more blessings in your life.

Take five slow and deep breaths in... and out... and then journal anything that comes to mind. 

Take five more slow and deep breaths in... and out... and get back to whatever you need to do.

Repeat all these journaling questions and prompts as often as possible to help you handle the crazy-busyness of life. 

Just remember to be kind to yourself and take time to count your blessings. This truly makes all the difference.