Count Your Blessings Lists

Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and the end of the year is in 39 days, it's even more to stop and count our blessings. 

After all, a life of gratitude makes it hard to get upset since we learn to take things more in stride. We also learn to appreciate the small stuff as well as the big. We see things differently and enjoy life a great deal more. Gratitude helps us care for others and it helps us see that what we have is already more than enough.

Shall we make some counting our blessings lists in our journals?


Make a list for each of these and keep adding to them through the rest of the year.

~ What blessings have you had in 2022?

~ What blessings have you had in November?  

~ What blessings have you had this week?

~ What blessings did you have yesterday?

~ What blessings have you had, or are going to have, today ? 

~ What blessings have you had in your life? 

~ What blessings do you expect next year? In 2023?