For decades, I’ve wanted to journal through the Bible book by book, chapter by chapter. I keep starting and then stopping (getting sidetracked).

The problem I have is I get bogged down by doing too much research into every verse of the chapter. This means it takes several days for me to get through the chapter. And at that point, I am up to my eyeballs in that chapter and need a break.

I really want to read all the way through the Bible and then start again. This is not possible if I keep starting over and do not finish what I start.

There has to be a happy medium of reading through the Bible on a continual basis and be able to drill down into a few verses at least of each chapter.

Moreover, I want to keep all the notes and Bible and prayer journaling I’ve done on each verse and chapter of the Bible together in one spot.

I think my JTTBI1825 plan is the key to being able to accomplish all of this (see the next section).

Also, I will use this JKSD blog to keep all my notes and journaling.

This seems a win-win.