Yes. This is true. Journaling will surprise you. There are times you will write things on the page you didn’t expect to write.

You might have an idea as to what you want to put on the page, but something else might come to mind. Go with it and don't fight it. You can get back to what you wanted to journal. Go with the new train of thought.

Sometimes the new angle might not seem that great at first but later will be a gem.

Other times, you might discover immediately how the new thought is a gem.

Therefore, even if you get off track, allow it for a while.

That being said, here is a word of warning: Do not get too off track for too long and prevent you from getting to the intended destination.

Sometimes when you get off track, you learn it’s the true, best, and most scenic track you could have taken.

{Journaling Prompts or Questions: Journal your thoughts. What did you think when you read that? How did it make you feel? Did it stir up any memories? Journal anything else that comes to mind.}

A Journaling Hint or Tip: This is another reason why SOC Journaling is so useful.