Life tends to get in the way sometimes.

I am afraid that’s what I have done this year’s Christmas season so far. I’ve just been busy and haven’t slowed down. I haven’t made the time to be intentional about slowing down and savoring. I haven’t soaked in the meaning of Christmas and what it means for me and for the world.

I’ve been swept away by life and this world.

That’s been the case, at any rate, prior to yesterday.

I think the day before helped.

My husband and I spent hours watching the splashdown of Artemis I (and Orion) on Sunday. It had been 50 years since the last men walked on the moon. And 50 years since we had it as our goal to be on the moon.

How big is our God?

How awesome is our Creator?

He cares about the big stuff and the small stuff.

And He created the heavens and the earth.

To think: Creator and Father God cares so much that He left His residence (heaven) to come to earth as a Babe.

He left the throne to become man. He left heaven to go be in a woman’s womb for nine months.

He did this for us. Because He loves us. He did this so we could live with Him for eternity.

He did this so we can be forgiven, made right, and be by His Almighty, Exalted, and Holy side. Forever.

He loves us so much He wants all of us to be with Him in heaven for eternity.

All we need to do is believe.

It’s that simple.

It’s that powerful.

The God who created the heavens, and all of space, came to earth to show us His love for us. To show us we can believe in Him. To show us we are forgiven. To show us He is always with us, as we can be forever with Him.

This is the meaning and reason of Christmas.

Keep it simple.

It’s all about Him and is nothing about the stuff of this world.

All we need to do is believe.

Oh, the wonder!

Oh, the hope!

(Journal your thoughts.)