Focusing on Prayer in 2023

I have decided to make focusing on prayer my priority this year as well.

Prayer as a means of recognizing God and revering Him, along with trusting Him.

Some prayer for self, sure, but mainly for others.

I want to practice His presence.

I want to turn to God in every moment of every day as I do life. I want to turn my heart and mind to Him as I see and recognize how He is Holy, Holy, Holy. 

Prayer is also just hanging out with, spending time with, God. I want to do that non-stop this year.

It will take some intentionality and practice on my part to focus on Him in every moment. Yet, this is still my goal. To make every moment about Him. Not about me. Not about the moment. About Him,

Prayer is making Him the center and focus of all I do and don't do. 

This is my heart's desire for 2023, which I know He put into my heart.