My 2023: A God-Focused New Year

A couple weeks ago, God brought something to my attention. He did this when I was starting to turn my sights onto closing out 2022 the best way possible and to beginning 2023 strong.

Let me provide a little background:

I was trying to determine what my one word and verse should be... and what I wanted to focus on... and had journaled a bit about this. How could I live the best 2023? How could I literally make it my best year yet? How could I serve God the most/best? As I thought of these things, I was able to write quite a few ideas down on the page. I was so excited!

Then, God spoke.

And He asked me, "Do you, Stacy, really want to serve me?

Me: Of course.

God: "Then why are your one word and verse focused on self and what you want to do to serve Me and bring me glory? Why have you been so excited to make plans that you have not stopped to ask Me what I want most from you? Your ideas are great. You would serve me well in 2023 with your plans. Your plans are quite noble and would be good."

Uh-oh, I sensed that I went off track somewhere.

That's when He asked me, "Why is your year so focused on doing things for me and the things you want to do? What about Me? How are you focusing everything on Me in every moment?"

Me: (Uh-oh.) Am I wanting to do the things that I like, rather than on You and what You want?

God: "Yes."

Me: "Well, that isn't good."

God: "What about focusing on Me as Almighty, Exalted, and Holy God this year? And on making your focus of every moment, Me, and not you and the things you want to do for Me? What about making 2023 about Me and not about you or anything you want to do?"

Me: Ahh. I see. In my efforts of wanting to serve You and bring You glory, I have focused on me and what I can do for You, God, rather than on focusing on You being Almighty, Exalted, and Holy. I have not focused my every moment on seeing and living as though You ARE Holy, Holy, Holy. I have made it about me and not about You.

God: "Yes. Make it a God-focused year, rather than on a self-focused or serving year."

Me: I can do that. I can truly try to literally make it all about You. I can focus my heart and mind on You, as Holy, Holy, Holy at all times. In this moment. And in the next.

God: "Then, wait and see what happens in 2023... and see what I can do through You. Do not do things for Me. Do things with Me being Holy, Holy, and Holy in mind. Make it about Me. Not about you. Not about this world."

Me: This year is about focusing my attention in all I do, on You, and how You are Almighty, Exalted, and Holy.

2023 is about the Holy God, and is not about me or this world. 

This year is not about doing.

This year is about being: revering and fearing the Holy, Holy, Holy God. (In every moment.)

This year is about making 2023 a Holy Year focused on a Holy, Holy, Holy God.

Revelation 4:8 is the focus verse for 2023.

PROMPTS: What are your thoughts?