Prayer Without Ceasing and Practicing the Presence of God

Have you ever heard of Practicing the Presence of God?

Have you ever heard of Brother Lawrence and his you practicing the presence of God, and doing so in every moment, as Brother Lawrence taught?

(See this link if you have not heard of this:

Practicing the Presence of God is, in short, turning your heart and mind to God in every moment of every day.

It's focusing on God as you do life.

It's focusing on God when your intention is to spend personal time with Him.

Practicing the presence of God is being with God in all you do, and is doing so at all times. 

It's praying without ceasing. 

It's praying about everything.

It's being with Him.

It's hanging out with Him at all times. 

It's focusing on Him as we do all we do.

It's focusing on Him and just being with Him.

Yes. Practicing the presence of God is prayer. Sometimes it's with words and sometimes it's just being with Him. Regardless, it's turning heart and mind to Him at all times. 

This is what I want to focus on in 2023, as I focus on how He is Holy, Holy, Holy, as well.

PROMPT: Journal your thoughts. Do you want to try this? Have you done this? What can you pray about right now? How can you keep your mind and heart focused on Him in every moment?