Flirting with the enemy

Believers and followers of Jesus Christ,  you will be burned if you flirt, trifle, and/or play with the enemy.

Choose this day who and what you will serve.

You cannot have a foot in both worlds. That is being double-minded.

Do you stand with God or not?

If you do, you accept the Bible as 100% truth, whether you like it or not. You cannot change what the Bible says to fit your preference or your agenda. You must accept every word as absolute truth.

Flirting with the enemy is never acceptable.

Narrow is the gate and way when following Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the only way.

Not the Jesus you want to see. But rather the Jesus as He is fully depicted in the Bible.

Quit being of this world. That is easy and shallow. It is doing what feels good. It is flirting with the enemy.

Be bold and do what is right. Live the belief you claim you profess. Live the Bible 100% as it is, not as you wish it would say.

Not reading the Bible and ignoring it does not help. 

Quit flirting with the enemy. You know it is wrong. 

Choose to follow Jesus and live the Bible.

And know eternity with Him. 

Choose Him and have eternal life.

He alone makes life worth living.

He is the Most High.

The world and the enemy will end. 

How will that work out for you?

It is time to get right with God and read and live the Bible. He is our only hope. 

Let's choose Him.