Monday Morning

I do not know about you, but I woke this morning with a million things on my mind that I need to do today, this week, this month, and even this year. (Ugh. Really? I thought to myself.)

And then I heard God speak. He gave me some direction, which helped me have a plan for today and beyond.

But the biggest reminder I was given was to be with God fully in this moment, and listening far more than speaking, and being with Him, even as I do other things. Acknowledging Him as my Constant Companion makes a difference for everything I do, and even that which I do not do.

Being with God through and in everything makes all the difference.

I just need to try to be as mindful of Him as possible and fully be with Him in every moment. This is intentional, purposeful, and meaningful living. I hold my hand out to take God’s hand in mind through everything today.

And I realize when I just call on His name, and say, “God,” then I have connected with Him again.

When I do this all day long, and make sure every moment is spent fully with God, my days are a great deal better, even when the challenges come (and they always do).

God, I thank You for this day. For being with me through all of it. Help me to remember in every moment, no matter what, to turn to You and include You in my life and in the moment. Help me do this every moment. Bring thoughts to mind of your Scripture and direct my every step as I try to hold Your hand all day long.