My struggles with being a writer and finding success in the moments

It has been a dream of mine since 2001.

In fact, it has been more than a dream. It has been a way if life.

I want to write, and I am a writer.

Now, if you look on Amazon, you will find a few books of mine. But they were published years ago.

If you look on this blog, you will see hundreds of projects I have wanted to do. Until the next shiny object of an idea comes along.

I have had the best of intentions. (But how far have they gotten me?)

Everyone I know hears me say, "I have an idea with my writing!" And then see me fail. Again.

It never happens.

And the shame magnifies each time.

And I know quite well how I have failed God. Again. Again and again. And again. Over and over.

Just writing this has my stomach doing flops and churning.

However, since February 03, 2023, that has changed. As I live, journal, and write by the moments. As I focus on fully living this moment with God and as I try listening to him at least 75% of the time in this moment.

I will piece these blog posts together, along with my Journal entries not shared here, and will write the first book. Then the next. And the next.

These posts are the moments. As I pour all of myself into them. With God. And share them with you.

With each post, with each journal entry, I am not failing.


Not any longer.

Instead, I am fully living with God. Trying to listen to Him 75% of the time.

And so can you. In your moments. In the way and manner you live.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. (Poor elephant!)

Living by the moment, for the moment, fully and intentionally with God, brings success. How could it not? For then we are fully living with God. And are living His purpose. Not ours.

And I am writing finally, the things I will publish. And am. (In this blog.)