Since February 03, 2023

February 03, 2023 to February 08, 2023 has been a turning point in my life. This is particularly true with my spiritual life.

And I know it would not have happened any other way than the events that led me here. (More on that later.)

It has been a very good turning point, let me add.

It is like the switch finally got turned on and I am, with God, actively seeking Him and His Word and listening each day. It is what I crave and need.

I am so grateful for this time.

It is coming with a cost. I am beyond exhausted.

Anything worth doing and having comes with a cost.

This, I am learning even more, is true with the spiritual.

I am not stopping. I keep watching and praying through. I will not stop giving God my best. Granted right now, my best might be in slow-motion.

God deserves no less than our very best at all times. He alone is worthy of that.

I look forward to seeing what today brings.