When things don’t go your way (when God says no and closes a door)

What do you do when things don’t go way?

What do you do when God says no?

What do you do when God seems to close a door?

What happens when a dream is lost?

How do you handle these disappointing and challenging times?

God always has a reason. While it might hurt, or be frustrating, there is always a purpose. We may not see it right away. In fact, from my personal experience, this is often the case. Nonetheless, later, looking back with hindsight, it becomes apparent as to why things did not work out the way we hoped.

Therefore, it’s important to trust God. No matter what. Even when it does not make sense. Even if what has happened hurts or makes you angry. Trust that after some time has passed, the reason will become clear. And usually, it’s a good thing that things didn’t work out in the way we originally hoped.

Before we reach that point, though, we are left with some varying emotions. We have to sort through with what we are left with and why. Yes. There are times when things do not work out for whatever reason that it seems what we are left with something lesser and subpar. Or we might think things are worse with what we are left with.

Why God?

How can this be better?

We wonder.

It hurts.

We might want to be silent with God.

Or we might want to yell at Him.

Are these the best responses? Do they help matters? Do these responses make us feel better or make things better?

So, what is better? How can we respond to God in the best manner when we are left with hurt or anger? When it seems He has given us the worse option?

First, we need to vent through those initial reactions (feelings; thoughts). I recommend what I call throwing up on paper in our journals. Spend ten minutes being as ugly as possible about it. Get it all out on the page. For only ten minutes.

Then, once we purge ourselves of the negative and unhelpful emotions, we then need to stop and think.

Does God really want the worse or worst for us? Does He want the lesser for us? Does He have less expectations of (for) us?

The answer to all those questions is no. Even if what has happened seems to go against His nature or what He has told us.

Therefore, we need to recognize, whether we want to or not, that He has something better in mind for us. Even if we thought the other options He closed the door on were for the better.

We need to trust that the God who can see with perfect, infinite eyes can see better than our sinful, finite eyes. He also is all-knowing. We are not.

So, while we do not see it. And while we may not believe it… We need to trust God and believe in Him and trust that He has perfect vision. We need to trust that He knows what He is doing.

Even when we do not like it. Even when we do not see it. Even if we disagree. Even if it hurts.

Then, we need to stop and think how God is still working in us, through us, and around us. Even if a door has closed for whatever reason.

And if God is still working, and He is, then we still need to join Him there. In whatever it is. Doing whatever it is.

How and where we join Him now, in time, will likely be a huge blessing we would not have had if the other door had remained open. We may not see it, believe it, or know it at this time, but we will.

Questions we need to ask ourselves at this point:

So, where is God working right now? Where do I see Him working? How can I join Him in His work there?

We need to keep trusting God.

He will show us a better way. We have to trust that.

And oftentimes, these closed doors will open many new and better ones we would not have seen if not for the closed doors.

God always has the best in mind. This is in His character. He never goes against His character. (and if we think He has, it’s because we are not fully seeing).

Trust God. Even when things do not work out. Even when He says no. Even when He closes a door. He has the best in mind, even if we do not see it yet.