Why Have Faith? Why Believe in Jesus?: Heaven or Hell

Why should we have faith in God? Why should we believe in Jesus?

The simplest answer is best. So, why choose to believe in Jesus?

God loves you. (Unconditionally. Totally and completely. Deeply. Immensely.)

He wants you to love Him.

How can you show you love Him? By believing in His Son, Jesus.

That's the simplest answer as to why believe and have faith.

Why have faith? 

Because God loves you, you matter to Him, and He wants to spend forever with you.

Why have faith and believe in Jesus? Another explanation

You can live forever with God or forever apart from God knowing you could have been with Him.

Here's another explanation of faith and belief in Jesus:

If you believe in Jesus, your wrongdoings and mistakes (sins) are forgiven. They are forgiven through your belief in Jesus.

And if you believe, you are forgiven, and you will spend eternity with God.

What eternity with God means, is that you will go to heaven and live forever with Him.

If you do not believe in Jesus, you will go to hell and will live forever apart (separated or alienated) from God.

That's everything in simplistic terms.

Another simplistic way to explain why believe in Jesus:

You can go to heaven or hell when you die.

Even more simplistic explanation of faith:

God loves you.

God wants you to love Him. You do so by believing in Jesus.

God also wants you to love others.

This is the life of faith in the most simplistic terms.

So what about heaven and hell? What about a less simplistic definition?

Heaven is a place of life. It's where God is (where He resides). It's also called eternal life. It is being with God, in His presence, forever. There's no pain or suffering there. Heaven is paradise and is where the throne of God is located. Also, our loved ones who believed in Jesus and died will be there. We will see them again. Heaven is the home we have been searching and aching for while alive on earth.

If you do not believe in Jesus, you will not go to heaven. You will go to hell.

Hell is the absence and alienation of God. It is  a place of damnation, darkness, and is a lake of fire. Hell is a place of never-ending suffering and torment. And you will know what heaven is like and how you made the choice to not go there. Moreover, hell is living forever knowing you could have chosen Jesus but didn't. 

Believe in Jesus

You can never go wrong believing in Jesus. He gives us abundant and eternal life.

Not believing in Him, results in eternal torment.

You have everything to gain

You have everything to gain through believing in Jesus, and everything to lose if you do not.

If you have questions

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