Count Your Blessings: A Journaling Prompt

Whether you do this on a daily basis, it's important for us to stop, think about and count our blessings.

This helps us put things into proper perspective and helps us appreciate who and what we already have in our lives.

Thanking God is also a way of worshiping God.

Journaling Questions or Prompts:

1. List as many blessings as you can. Fast. Go!

2. What are the blessings you have in your life that you have not taken the time to stop, think of, acknowledge, and thank God for lately?

3. What do you want to thank God for?

4. List ten memories that come to mind. Thank God for the blessings of those memories. There are many who do not remember (those with traumatic pasts or dementia). So, list them and thank God for them.

5. List the blessings of the things you see right now.

6. List the blessings of the things you hear right now.

7. What blessings have you been given this week?

8. This month?

9. This year?

10. List as many other blessings as come to mind.

Just count your blessings and thank God for each of them.