I Don't Follow Men or Women (No Idols)

I think if you've followed this blog along enough, or dig around here, you will notice how I do not quote pastors or authors much on here, if at all. I am not a fan of anyone, nor will I ever be.

There is a reason for this.

I will not allow any human to become an idol in my life, or take my focus off that which matters most. God and the Bible.

I worship God alone.

I do not want to ever focus on a human.

I want my focus to be on God and the Bible.

Humans are sinners and are finite.

No human has heaven or hell to offer me.

I would rather go directly to God and the Bible and learn from them how best to live life.

Too often, we quote that so and so said, fill in the blank. That's all great and dandy. But what I want to know is: What do God and the Bible say directly?

I do not want any human to do my work for me. I would rather go directly to God and the Bible and do the work with them of trying to figure out how to live the most godly life I can, and bring people to know Him.

God is the authoritative voice in my life, along with the Bible (God's Word).

I do not listen to the radio or watch television either for the same reason. No video games. No movies. No music. I go directly to God and the Bible to get my direction.

I trust in God and the Bible. Not in humans. Not in things.

See Psalm 20:7.

(And this is one of the main reasons I can say how I live a very blessed life.)