Philippians 4:13: Journaling Prompts and Questions

I am a firm believer in looking at multiple versions of the Bible in order to get the full meaning of each verse, chapter, and book of the Bible. Therefore, I highly recommend doing this with Philippians 4:13, where it talks about the Lord providing us with strength.

Journaling Questions of Prompts:
~ Look up Philippians 4:13 in the Bible in at least five different versions (translations) of the Bible and journal about the differences and what you learn from this verse.
~ Write a new personalized summary of this verse.
~ What does this verse say to you and mean to you now after looking at multiple versions of the Bible?
~ What does God say to You?
~ Write a prayer about Philippians 4:13 and everything you journaled.
~ What do you say to God?