Reflection: Not where I want to be spiritually for 2023 (a course change)

I cannot believe it is almost September. Where has 2023 gone?

This realization has grabbed hold of me and shaken me to wake up. I wanted to grow spiritually this year. I wanted to do so each and every month. At least a smidgen.

But I am forced to admit I’ve done the pendulum thing, up and down, growing and stagnate, back and forth, not making real progress.

Ouch. Talk about a wake-up slap and gut punch.

So… What now?

I am extremely grateful that there are three months left in 2023. This gives me time to grow spiritually and make this my focus for the rest of the year. (Thank the Lord!)

I have time to make a course change.

So, what does it look like for me to grow spiritually for the rest of 2023? How can I measure my progress and growth? Can I?

I think this is how I can gauge if I grow spiritually from now through December 31: I will spend more time with the Lord and in the Word. I will be with the Lord and in the Bible every day, will try to be fully present as I am in the Word of God, will try to be fully present in every moment, will try to be with Him in each moment, and will try to meditate on the Bible day and night.

In short, I will try to focus my attention on the Lord and His Word in every moment. And will try to be more mindful about this.

I will do this no matter where I am or what I am doing.

I will do my best to live Colossians 3:1-2; Romans 12:1-2; Philippians 4:8.

Being with God and focusing on a Bible verse or passage in each moment is how I will gauge my spiritual growth progress. It’s mindfulness of Him. It’s making every moment about Him and the Bible, no matter what I am doing. It’s making Him and the Bible my focus.

While I wish January through August 2023 had been different, I am glad I have a plan on trying to make Him and His Word first in all I do.

Care to join me?

So, how is your spiritual walk so far in 2023? Are you growing steadily? What can you do to be where you want to be spiritually by the end of the year?