A New Faith Journaling Series: A Daily Thought

 In the last week or so, I have begun a new blog post series called, A Daily Thought.

Granted, I did not know it until yesterday; nevertheless, that's what I started. Although, if I were perfectly honest, I began this series back in 2009 or so. (You might say it's a long time in coming.)

I've always thought that we would all be more peaceful and more content people if we thought things through. We tend to think a little and arrive at a conclusion. The problem is often times, we had not thought it all the way through, and that means the conclusion we arrived at is faulty or not very sound (it might not make sense). Therefore, we would save ourselves a lot of time (and frustration and heartache) if we actually stopped and thought things all the way through for a few days before we reacted (emotionally and mentally) and acted (physically).

I also think that we would live a far better life of faith in Christ if we thought things through and made sure to do so on a continual, daily, basis.

Journaling makes us think. It helps us think things through, and vent emotions so we can think. In doing these things, we gain a new and far better perspective.

As Christians, we tend to react and act before we stop, pray, listen, and think. It is far better to have something happen, react, stop that initial reaction because it was emotional, pray, listen to God, then act. We need to seek Him first before we do anything, never mind when things happen in life that throw us a curveball.

Plus, as people of faith, we need to know what we believe and why, and see if it matches fully with the Bible (as it says in full context, and not what we want it to say).

A Daily Thought isn't meant to be a feel-good blog post series. Rather, it's to get us to stop and really think about things, and think them all the way through to the best and most truthful and biblical conclusion, in which we can arrive through much listening to God and hearing what He has to say on the matter. And act on what He says, not on what we want to do.

When we only seek the encouraging things, the feel-good nice things, we numb ourselves to the things we really should think through.

A lot of the problems of this world, and in our lives,  would be solved if we stopped and thought things all the way through as we sought what God had to say on the matter first and foremost.

Also, note that I'm calling this faith journaling. It's a combination of journaling through the Bible, but also journaling about matters of faith in Jesus Christ.

Care to join with me and think with God so we can live far better, godly lives based on the Bible?

Let's embark on this journey and see where God takes us, shall we?

You might call this a daily devotional for the thinking person.