The Judge: Are you fully listening?

God is Judge.
He will judge.
He is judging. 
Can we say we have made Him 1st in every moment? What about most moments?
Have we read the Bible daily? Have we meditated on what we read from the Word of God day and night, in every moment? And have we applied what we read?
Do others see you are different and stand out from the world in all you do because you choose to live the Bible and not for this world?
Do you do the right thing even when you think no one is watching?
Do others see Him or do they see you?
Do you appreciate who you and what you already have?
Do you fully rely on Him?
Does your planner or calendar show actions/plans for Him most of the time?
Do you listen to Him far more than you speak?
Do you tithe?
Do you try to draw near to Him in every moment?
Do you rest in Him?
Do you completely trust in Him?
How are you living this moment with and for Him? Today? This week? Month? Year? Decade? Life?
He is watching. He sees.
He is with you.
He judges.
You are not fooling Him.
He knows your mind.
He knows your heart.

How can you fully live the Word of God?
Be in it hours daily.
This will help Him judge you less... correct you less.
How does He need to correct you?
What course corrections do you need to make?

And remember: If you are reading a book, watching TV or a movie, playing a video game, or listening to the radio or music, then you are listening or watching or reading that and are not listening fully to Him.
He speaks best in our silence, when we give Him our all.