It is war: Call to duty to all in the Church

We are in a time of war.

Followers of Christ, if we do not stand behind Israel with our praise of Adonai and Yeshua (The Lord and Jesus), prayers, and battle in spiritual warfare, at all times as Israel is in war...

Then we have chosen to not follow Adonai or the Bible. (Read it.)

This should be the most important thing we do as Israel is at war.

Not watching the news.
Not listening to lies.
Not being complacent.
Not denying.

There has never been in our lifetime a more important time to get right with the Lord and pray for Israel and for this world.

This is the battle of our lives.

This is the battle of good and evil.

If you do not back Israel 100%, no questions or doubts, then evil is winning.

People say Adonai does not exist.

Does He? (Yes.)

Just because people and news say what is happening in Israel are lies and their war is wrong in any way... This DOES NOT make it true.

Who will you serve? The world or the Lord?

The Word of God says Israel is the Lord's chosen people. And we are to pray for them. 

If we do not, we will answer for it.

This is your call to duty, Church.

Get on your knees.

Praise and pray 24/7/365. Literally. As you do life.

Our lives depend on it.

This is war.

Pray for peace in Israel (Psalm 122:6).

Get to duty.