As you might have read HERE on this blog, I do plan on taking these blog posts and turning them into books that I (the journal keeper and writer of this blog, JKSD) will publish. I will edit them, expand them, and add additional material to them. 

The first books will be of the blog posts in chronological order. Later, and once I get enough written about journaling on this blog, I will then do topical books on journaling. 

I plan on publishing these books in paperback and as e-books. 

I plan on having the text be a little larger than standard books because there's nothing more frustrating than trying to read a book on journaling, and complete the prompts and questions, but you cannot read it easily because the text is a little too small. This disrupts and stifles the muse. 

So, given that, would you like a 6 x 9-inch book?

Also, how many pages would you want the book to be at a maximum?

Can you, please, answer these questions in the comments at the end of this blog post?