A new day at the end of the month (journaling prompts or questions)

This is a new day and is a beginning of the work week, a short one thanks to Memorial Day. And I have a question. Where has May gone? This month has flown by.

Journaling Prompts or Questions:

What do you have planned this week? What do you hope to accomplish?

What do you have planned today? What do you hope to accomplish?

What's your biggest goal for today? 

How was your Memorial Day weekend? What did you do?

What have you done this month of May?

What did you accomplish?

What have you not been able to do that you wanted to do?

How was your May?

Make at least a 4-sentence synopsis of your May.

What 15 memories (at least) did you make in May?

What were the top three memories in May? Why were they?

What were 15 blessings (at least) you had in May?

What did God say to you in May?

What did you say to God in May?

What do you have planned for June? What do you hope to accomplish?

What does God say to you about June?

What do you say to God about June?

List at least six blessings you have right now. 

Take at least ten minutes and journal anything and everything that comes to mind. Do a SOC. (For information about a SOC, go here.)