A Weekly Review of Journal Entries for February 12 to 18, 2023 (Highlights)

This past week has been whirlwind of activity and continued blessed time with God.

Here are the must-read journal entries form this week, and they are put in the order of importance:

~ The Main Blog Pages for Each Book of the Bible (and List of the Books of the Bible in Order): The Main Page
on February 18, 2023

~ God’s Love and Romans 8:38-39

~ God, help me today
on February 14, 2023

~ Lord, make my strongest desire
on February 16, 2023

~ Live fully
on February 13, 2023

~ Be still for a moment
on February 15, 2023

~ As I wake, before I get out of bed

There are many more journal entries, but these are the highlights. You can find the rest by looking at the Archive of this blog.