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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Focused and Intentional Living

I shared in my last blog post my personal theme for 2019: "Seeking to know the Lord and the Bible more every day." I could actually condense it to an one-word theme of: "Seeking."

There is a reason why I have chosen this theme. I am desperate to live a year of focus and self-discipline where I finish everything I start. I am tired of the next-shiney-object form of living where I do not stick with something.

I realize the only tasks I should ever do is seek the Lord and remain in the Word. Moreover, it should be a continuing endeavor and never-ending. This is a way of life and is the best way to live.

Seeking to know the Lord and the Bible more every day... This is something I can do as I do other things, sure. However, I want to see what I can do about intentionally living this in every moment.

I am tired of not staying on course and getting sidetracked.

I am weary from not putting the Lord and the Word first in my life.

The year 2019, in this moment on January 03, 2019, Thursday, at 1001 a.m., I want to make my 2019 theme my priority in every moment. I want to focus everything in my life to living this.

I am starting this now.

My Theme for 2019

I have decided my theme for 2019 is:

Seeking to know the Lord and the Bible more every day.

It is my goal to try to live this theme every moment of every day this year (and for the rest of my life for that matter).

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