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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

My 10-Year Daily Bible Reading Focus and Plan:

My 10-Year Daily Bible Reading Focus and Plan:

There are 31,103 verses in the Bible.
Weekly, I will read, pray through, journal, and meditate on 60 new verses for the next ten years. At the end of that time, I will have purposefully gone deep into every verse in the Word of God and drilled deep to gather as much treasure from the Holy Bible as possible.
This is a long-term commitment.
I hope to turn around and repeat this manner of 10-year Bible reading, praying, journaling, and meditating at least three more times, preferably four, over the course of my life.

~ Blessings,
Stacy Duplease
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Journal Keeper for 33+ years

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Counting My Blessings

Counting My Blessings: Treasuring the Now
(Realizing how the best life is now, with who and what you have in the present)

Who I have now... What I have now... Are all I need. Are all I want.
Life does not get better than this moment. For God is with me and is guiding me to this present moment. He has purpose in it. He has allowed this moment for a reason.

Am I living it the best I can?

Am I fully appreciating this moment?

In spite of any perceived challenge or negative in this moment, I have everyone and everything I need.

The question is if I am living purposefully in this moment, counting my blessings, and living it with and for the Lord. Am I?

Al I fully treasuring every facet, every part, of this moment?

Am I searching for and counting every blessing of this moment?

And, if I were to live all of this, and in every moment, how different would my life be?

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