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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

We will never forget

September 11th, 2001

A day we will never forget.

Lord, forgive us, heal us, and bless us.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

My Current Journaling, Writing, and Bible Study Project: The Stories of Solomon

As to my current journaling, writing, and Bible study projects, I am researching, learning, journaling, studying, and writing everything I can about the life and writings of King Solomon.

I am calling this series of journaling and writings, The Stories of Solomon.

It is on this blog I will share the stories of my journey as I learn everything I can about King Solomon.

All of My Journaling and Writing

This Journal Keeper SD blog will include every piece of writing I want to share online. This will include journal entries and first drafts of my writing projects.

In this blog is my catch-all and is the story of my journaling and writing life.

Here is where I will also share about my life of living the narrow gate faith as a Christ-follower.

The blog posts I share here are my journaling entries.

The Wife of Solomon

Meanwhile, Rehoboam son of Solomon was king in Judah. He was forty-one years old when he became king, and he reigned seventeen years in Jerusalem, the city the Lord had chosen from among all the tribes of Israel as the place to honor his name. Rehoboam's mother was Naamah, an Ammonite woman.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Reading Through the Bible: The One Year Bible (A Bible Reading Plan)

READING THROUGH THE BIBLE: The One Year Bible (A Bible Reading Plan)


It has been a few years since I read the Bible all the way through cover to cover. I want to read it through as fast as possible, but within reason. I will take notes and journal as I go. I am using the One Year Bible (see the source/link for more information) as my reading plan.

I am reading the Bible all the way through at a faster pace than I want, but I really want to get the context again.

I started reading this on August 30 and today will read September 03 reading and others as well, I hope.

Once I get all the way through reading the Bible, using the One Year Bible plan, I will then start again and will start reading the Bible on the day on the calendar and begin with that reading. I will then read each day according to the plan and will take time to thoroughly digest each day's reading that second time through.

I might even start all over again, but with January 01 and read that reading as well so I will do two daily readings per day of the One Year Bible. We shall see. Or I might just do this on days I find I want to read and digest more of the Word of God. Or I might re-read past readings I have already read and want to absorb more. We shall see.

Regardless, I want to get through the Bible as soon as possible and then will read it through again of reading it and absorbing it over the course of one year, but might have additional readings if I want to read more each day.

There is my plan.

Now, let me start reading, taking notes, and journaling through September 03's reading (at the very least) in the One Year Bible. Then, I will share my journaling and SD Bible Notes later on this blog.

Oh, also, I am using the NLT Version to read through. It is my favorite reading version, but I use several other versions when I want to study the Word more thoroughly.



Link for the One Year Bible:

{ONE YEAR COPYRIGHT INFORMATION: One Year® is a registered trademark used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.}

Links for the NLT Bible:

{NLT COPYRIGHT INFORMATION: Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright © 1996, 2004, 2015 by Tyndale House Foundation. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved.}

Link for Tyndale:

Morning Verses to Pray:

Morning Verses to Pray:

Psalm 5:3; Psalm 118:24; Psalm 118:29; Psalm 19; Colossians 1:9-13; James 1:5-8; Proverbs 3:5-6; Philippians 4:4-13


Lord, thank You for yesterday, for today, and for tomorrow. Help me to live this day as though it was truly Yours and not mine. This is Your day. I hold out my hand for You to take and lead me everywhere You desire this day, Father God. Help me to continue to draw nearer to You, and seek Your and Your Word every moment today. For today is Yours and not mine.

Hints and tips:

Copy and paste the scripture references just listed into and the website will put all of those verses on one screen for you.

Another hint: Click the print button on the page and when it opens a new screen, select all and copy the text, open a new blank document. Paste it there. This will give you these verses to pray every morning, if you desire.

Friday, August 31, 2018

A journal keeper of 36 years and living the narrow gate faith

I have been a journal keeper for about 36 years now.

I cannot help but pause and shake my head at this thought. 


Another long pause as I try to digest this realization. 

I am a journal keeper and I keep a journal. The first is part of my identity. I am a woman who journals. I also journal for a living and professionally. I also keep a journal personally and spiritually. 

However, it is my Bible, Prayer, and Blessings Journaling which is the closest and dearest to my heart. 

I journal in order to draw closer to the Lord... to get to know Him and the Bible more each moment of every day. 

I journal in order to remember what I read and study in the Bible.

Journaling is how I make sense of the Bible and how I remember what I have read. Journaling is how I ponder the Word of God and apply it to my life. 

This blog is my journaling as I journey with the Lord as we go through the Bible together and enjoy one another's company along the way (as I seek Him and get to know His Word).

Journaling is how I try to pray without ceasing, meditate on the Word of God night and day, and always give thanks. This is the reason for this journaling. 

I have journal for about 36 years and hope to journal with God through the Bible another four decades or more. 

I have searched for a place to keep all of my Bible Notes and Journaling and think this blog journal is the perfect platform. 

Will You Journey with Me?:

While this blog is of my prayer and Bible journaling, I hope I can interact with you as we try to journey with God through daily life and through the Bible in 2018 and beyond. So please. Leave comments. I would love to interact with you and share this journey of life together. 

Living a life of faith is a huge blessing. But, let's face it. Let us be honest here. The walk can be tricky, frustrating, and even lonely at times. After all, when we live the life of the narrow gate faith, it means few are traveling the same path. We have to seek God and search His Word all along the way so we can persevere. 

Care to journey with me and navigate through the Bible and live the narrow gate faith and life?


Lord, we hold out our hands and ask you to take us and lead us through the Bible and through daily living of the narrow gate faith. For we know we cannot do this without You. 

The Prayer and Bible Journaling of SD

This blog is the prayer and Bible journaling of SD (Stacy Duplease).

I will write it as prayers from me to Father God as I pray and interact with Him and His Word.

This blog is about life with God and the Bible in 2018.

I am seeking to know Him and the Bible more each and every moment and each day. 

The reason I am publishing this online, as blog posts, is to share my journey with Him and through the Word (the Bible). 

Lord, I want to know You more

Lord, I want to know You more.

This is why I journal.

I want to know You and Your Word (The Holy Bible) more each and every moment.

This is what my heart desires.

This is what I seek.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Two-Parts of My Blog Posts: An Explanation of Part 1 and Part 2

Most of my blog posts will consist of two parts.

* Part 1 will be the non-Christian part.

* Part 2 will be the Christian part.

If you are not a Christian, you do not need to accidentally read something you do not want to read. That's why I will have the Christian part at the end of those blog posts.

However, in Part 1, I will talk about faith and the spiritual. That's what I will call those facets in our lives and will keep it vague. We all have souls and have a spiritual side to us, just as we have an emotional, mental, physical, social, financial, political, relational, etc. side as well. The spiritual is one of the components that makes us who we are. I will address the spirit/soul and faith in Part 1. If we ignore our spiritual part, it's like ignoring how we have a bone or skin. Our spiritual part is one of the things that make us who we are.

I hope all of this makes sense and look forward to sharing both parts in future posts.

My Plans for This Blog

Why did I start this blog? What is my purpose for it?

I started this blog so I can share how I believe every human being on earth should journal. The benefits of journaling are too abundant and amazing for people to miss.

I realize no one can know about the amazing benefits of journaling unless they are told about them.

Moreover, those who do journal might need a shot in the arm and some inspiration to help you look at your journal and journaling with a fresh and new perspective.

I have decided to blog about journaling and share some of my stories and lessons learned through my journaling. I also want to share how amazing and profound journaling can be.

The fact is I would not be who I am if I didn't journal. My life would certainly not be what it is without as well.

I've learned how blessed, peaceful, content, and joyful life can be because of journaling. Even in the midst of the storms and challenges of life.

Journaling has health benefits and creative benefits.

The most important benefit journaling offers, though, is how it helps us live the fullest and deepest life we can live because it helps us see things differently and more clearly.

The second most important benefit of journaling is because we capture our lives on the page. We capture the moments of our lives in our journal. It is our memory. It is the proof that we lived. When we write our memories in our journals, it ensures we do our best to live the most significant moments we can today. For we might not have tomorrow. We need to live every moment as if it was our last and live it well. We are to live every moment with purpose and we do so best through journaling.

I have journaled for over thirty-five+ years and cannot wait to journal at least that many more. Journaling has changed, shaped, and influenced my life. It has also become part of my life. I am a journal keeper. This is one of the most important activities I do each day. Journaling is who I am, is what I do, and is what shapes everything in my life.

Do you want to make every moment in your life count?

Do you want to live the best life you can live, in spite of whatever might be happening in your life? Journaling helps you overcome the challenges of life and helps you soar in spite of them.

Journaling makes you a better and healthier individual in every way.

Other than my faith and my husband and critters (my four-legged kiddos), my journaling is the most important part of my life. It always has been and always will be.

I am a journal keeper. There is nothing which brings me more meaning and purpose.

Journaling can bring you more meaning and purpose than you ever imagined.

For a journal is what can carry us to the Promised Land... where we don't just live, but thrive. A Promised Land where we live the best we can and live life to its fullest.

This is what this blog is about. Journaling . . . what it's done for me and what it certainly can do for you. For if you try to journal just a little, amazing and profound things will happen. That's a guarantee. It's the greatest and most worthwhile adventure you can experience and live.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

A Summary of This Blog

This blog is about:

~ Capturing the blessings of every moment on the page

~ Journaling

~ Living with purpose

~ Keeping the faith

~ Remembering

~ Leaving a legacy

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Welcome to a blog, which consists of the highlights of my daily journaling.

I have been a journalkeeper for 36+ years now.

I'm married to my best friend and have four four-legged critters (two cats and two aquatic turtles).

I am Christian, conservative, and patriotic. I enjoy coffee and reading the Classics (which is a newfound passion, let me add).

My family has been in the United States of America since 1607, but I can trace my family tree back to Joseph of Arimathea (and several others).

My intent with this blog is to share thoughts about life, share the wisdom I've learned from evaluated experiences, and capture my life on the page.

I will share as many as three journal entries per day, but will do my best to only share one a day or less.

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