Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Prayer: Lord, Teach Me to Pray


Father God, thank You for this day and for this moment.

Thank You for humbling me and helping me to see how I can sure learn a great deal more about prayer. Would You, please, reach me?

Lord, as one of your disciples asked You in Luke 1, I do as well. Can you teach me how to pray? 

I realize prayer is one of those things that I can never learn everything about and can always learn more. 

There is no one better to teach me how than You. Would, You, please? Lord, in the name of Jesus, would You teach me how to pray and will you give me the focus, want, and know-how to pray without ceasing?

You tell me in John 14 that if I ask anything in Your name, You will do it so You can bring the Father glory. 

Lord, would You teach me how to pray and how to do so without ceasing? I want to make my life one prayer and bring You glory. 

In the name of Jesus I pray.


Luke 11:1-4; John 14:12-14

NaNoWriMo 2020 Project

A Journal Keeper? A Novel Writer? A Prayer Journal Keeper? A Writer? A Self-Published Author?

In the last blog post, I admitted I was a little crazy and quirky. I am about to confirm this truth once again.

I've tried to be just a journal keeper and just a writer, and have tried to morph them into one a few times, and have done so for a little more than a couple of decades. Hence, the title of this section. 

Since I came up with the idea for 9288 Prayers, I do not think I ever need to wonder about what I want to be when I grow up, or what I want to do with my life. so to speak. After all, 9288 Prayers is doing what I love to do, and have a passion for, and it's that of journaling, praying, and reading the Bible. I also have known since I was little that I wanted to be a writer, so this 9288 Prayers is a cherry on top for all of the things I've wanted to do, but have not been able to figure out how to work until now. 


I tried to write novels. I wrote hundreds of unfinished manuscripts, as a matter of fact. And during that process, I took part in a writing competition to write a novel in a month, and in November of every year. It's called, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). This is where people write 50,000 words in a month. I've done this since 2009. 

During that time, it's become a write a book in a month, and write 50,000 words, whether it is fiction or nonfiction. 

Hence, I've decided to write "112 Prayers, Book 1" and possibly start on Book 2 during this time.

I will push myself to do more prayer journaling than normal during this NaNo season of November 2020 and have committed to be a participant. 

I just wanted to share and let you know my plans. 

Current Writing Project: 112 Prayers, Book 1


October 18, 2020, Sunday, I began to compile my prayer journaling into a book of prayer. It's called, "112 Prayers, Book 1," and is the first of the 9288 Prayers Series. 

I am already 39 pages into this project and have 20 full or partial prayers, as of October 20, 2020 afternoon.

9288 Prayers: A Prayer Journal Keeper Decides to Share (The What and Why)


Hello and Thank You


Thank you for stopping by and reading this blog and blog post. 

I am sure you're wondering what "9288 Prayers" refers to and what it means. 

Let me begin with telling you how 9288 Prayers came about and a little of the background.

The Background of 9288 Prayers

I have been a journal keeper for over 38 years now. For a while now, I have mostly journaled my prayers and they sit there in a tote in my study (office). Sure, I get them out and read through them and pray them from time to time, but it's rather tricky to find them. Then, add how I have even more saved in an online journal and it gets even more difficult (way beyond tricky) to find what I am looking for, even with the search feature online. I've thought, "There has to be a better way."

Then, add how recently, prayer journaling (with prayer journaling through the Bible more specifically) has become my main focus. It's been quite a delight. But, still, there they sit and I have had the feeling I was supposed to do something more with them, I just had no idea what.

Last week, another event happened that spurred me to grab every prayer book I had on my shelves of my book cases because I was so moved to pray that the words were beyond me. So I used them to help me pray in a way I have never prayed before and knew I wanted to repeat a couple of times per week at least thereafter. 

I have no idea what I would have done if not for those prayer books. I was so moved to pray that I came up blank. I knew the Holy Spirit would give me a hand, but I also knew I needed to be armed and ready with as many prayers as I can/could get my hands on and pray about the things that He put on my heart. 

These were the things that brought me 9288 Prayers. 

Add the fact of how I am a writer and have done some self-publishing already, I figured I might as well bring all of this together and share my prayer journaling. I think it might be useful to others, like the prayer books were useful to me last week. 

This was how 9288 Prayers was born.

I Did Some Math

Once I came up with the idea of putting much of my prayer journaling to the page and sharing them with others, I did some thinking and decided to write several prayer books. That led me to 112 Prayers, which is how I will write (prayer journal really) and publish in a book. Then, publish many of those. 

This, naturally, let me to doing some math as to what I hope to accomplish and over what timeframe. In doing so, I figured on October 18, 2020 9288 prayers were what I could accomplish over 12.9 years. I thought that sounded great and quite doable. 

Then, I started to combine my prayer journaling into the first 112 Prayer Book and discovered that my plans were not as tidy as I hoped they would be. I decided I might want to add some extra material and that meant the prayer and business plan I took hours to come up with was thrown into a trash can. Now, the only goals I have are two-fold:

1) Write 112 Prayer Books.

2) Write 83 or so of these over time until I come to 9,288 prayers.

(Plus extra material in each book.)

So this is how 9288 Prayers and 112 Prayer Books were founded. 

I know this sounds a little bit crazy, but I think you'll see I am a little quirky and weird, so this will not surprise you once you get to know me. 

I Hope This Will Inspire You

I hope the prayers I write on this blog, and in the 112 Prayers Books will inspire you to pray and that these prayers will give you a starting point for your daily prayers and help you if you ever feel stuck. 

Logos. Do not publish. !!!


Logos 1. Do NOT Publish


Prayer: You Are More Than Enough, Lord

You are enough, Lord. 

I do not need anything else.

I know this is true. 

You are enough, Father God. Would You please help me remember it and live this truth fully every moment today, tomorrow, and the days thereafter? 

You are more than enough, Lord. You are my everything. 

Monday, October 19, 2020

Bless This Blog: A Prayer

 Lord, You are so good. And are good all the time. 

Thank You for this day. Thank You for this moment and every moment to come the rest of this day, week, month, year, and so forth. I know that each moment I am alive, You have given me this/that time for a purpose. Please help me not squander any of the time in which You have trusted me with. 

Father God, help this blog be a blessing to every prayer warrior who reads any blog post (not just me).

Teach me to pray and help the prayers and thoughts on this blog make my prayer life even more fruitful as each blog post is a springboard to other personal and specific prayers. 

In the name of Jesus I pray.

Welcome, Introduction, Explanations, and the First Prayer


Welcome to the 9288 Prayers Series.


This is a 13.5-year project.

I hope to write several books on prayer and 9,288 prayers are the goal. 

Explanation: First-Person POV

Every prayer on this blog is in the First-Person Point of View. It is meant so that you can read it and pray it for your life. It's meant to have the prayer immediately meaningful to you and help You draw closer to the Lord. 

Explanation: No Amen

You will see that on this blog, I never say "Amen," unless it is to emphasize a point. 

The reason why "amen" will not be said in these prayers is because our lives are meant to be one prayer (one prayer that never stops, even as we continue on doing this thing called life).

The First Prayer

Lord, bless every moment I spend on this blog, along with all the moments afterward where prayers from here come to mind. I want to draw closer to You and learn how to pray and to do so without ceasing. Help this blog be a springboard for prayer in my life, for every moment of this day, and until I can come back here for another prayer. Thank You, Abba, for a place to come and rest in You for a few minutes. I love You, Daddy. 

In the name of Jesus I pray.


Since this is a 13.5-year project, keep coming back here and see what is new and please, stay tuned.

My NaNoWriMo 2020 Writing and Journaling Project

My NaNoWriMo 2020 Writing and Journaling Project