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Friday, April 17, 2020

Journaling How-To, Hint, and Tip: There is No Wrong Way (Just Journal Through)

There is no wrong way with journaling.

You cannot do it wrong (unless you do not journal at all).

Seriously. Whatever you capture on the page is good.

Your journaling is good and right... even if it does not seem like it... even if you want to cross it out or throw it away. 

Just keep journaling. And do not stop. Ever. Keep putting words on the page.

All of these sentences, lines, and paragraphs seem like platitudes and great bumper stickers. Don't they?

But, they are all 100% true. This is not me blowing sunshine or making things up to make you feel better.

No matter what you journal, it is good. It is useful, even when you do not think so and even when you want to stop.

Why do I say these things? Thirty-seven and a half years of journaling has proven this to be absolutely true in my life.

Let me explain.

I have written hundreds of pages of journaling that I would consider throwing away. I have written months of garbage. I have wanted to stop journaling many times because there is absolutely nothing good or useful.

Or so I think at the time.

Days later, weeks later, months and years later, I have journaled something that makes me think of the "junk" I wrote earlier. And I learn then how that trash and drivel that I did not like (that did not work for me) was a stepping stone that led me to a moment later. And that moment later is an A-HA and light bulb moment where I understand something I did not before. I have a moment of clarity, of learning, and understanding that I would not have had otherwise, if I had not journaled, and journaled through, even when it didn't make sense or was considered trash at the time.

I never throw anything away of my journaling. Nor do I cross anything out. Because I know EVERYTHING I journal is a stepping stone leading me to new places, to a different state-of-mind, to a new perspective, to a lesson learned.

Just journal through.

Keep journaling. Do not stop.

Capture the beautiful inspired moments and even all the moments of boredom and trash in your journaling. Keep journaling, even when you don't want to. Even when you think you are wasting your time.

I can honestly say that every moment, every day, every week, every month, every year, and every decade that all of my journaling has been very useful to me and has benefited others as well.

Journaling is never a waste. Never, ever.

Keep journaling through.

There is no wrong way... except not journaling.

There are times I swear I have written nothing that I would want to re-read later. But, when later comes, I have discovered more often than not that journaling was extremely useful.

Keep journaling through. You cannot go wrong... except if you do not journal.

The A-HA and light bulb moments are only achieved once you take the time to find the light bulb and take the time to screw it in.

Every journal entry is  puzzle piece. You might not see anything in that puzzle piece but blobs, but keep journaling and you will start to see images form, and in time you will see the full picture of the puzzle.

Keep journaling through. There is no wrong way.

Journaling Through the Coronavirus (COVID-19): Stop, Look Around, Pay Attention, and See

This era of Coronavirus (COVID-19) can so easily take a toll in our lives. If we are not suffering hardships, we know other people who are. We are constantly on alert to be careful to be careful about sanitizing everything if we go anywhere (and even if we don’t). We keep hearing the numbers of the yuck that’s transpired because of this unseen enemy. It would be so easy to be stressed or even flat and detached. It would also be easy to focus on all the negative.

So what can we do to minimize the yuck that comes with this social distancing (isolation) and virus?

I tried something today that I wished I would have done every day the last three weeks. I used to do this all the time and have gotten away from it and I see how I have definitely made a grave mistake in stopping. I will make this a daily practice and will actually try to do it a couple to a few times per day. I think this will make a great difference in my life in general, and will transform me, never mind at this yucky time.

I have a recliner in my study, which is one of two main areas in my house, where I journal the most. My cat, a grey tabby named Seda (Say-duh), and I spend three hours there every morning (during the weekdays). We snuggle while I have my quiet time and journal. It’s the highlight of my day and is hers as well.

Today, I stopped, looked around, listened and paid full attention to where I was. I noticed the who, what, where, when, why, and how of the moment. I paid attention to my six senses (smell, sight, taste, touch, hearing, and discernment/gut-instinct). And I journaled about all these things. This utterly and totally blessed my socks off!

I heard my turtle swimming in his tank, along with the hum of his water filter. I heard Seda purring and felt it on my chest and stomach since she was snuggled up there. I heard the birds as they serenaded me. I watched the light cast by the sun as it rose. I saw our orange cat Sinan (See-naw-n) as he slept snuggled up in a cat bed. I was surrounded by all my books. I had a journal, my refuge, to also snuggle up with and capture this moment. I had heat, a roof over my head, a throw blanket on my lap. I had the love and adoration of a cat (who reminds me of how I am to be with the Lord). I had the opportunity and skill of being able to write and read. I had a paper journal and a pen. I had my coffee and a glass of water. I was/am blessed with so many things that are so easily taken for granted.

As I stopped, looked, listened, and paid attention to my 6 senses and answering the who, what, where, when, why, and how questions of everything in my life, around me and int hat moment… it hit me: This moment could not be any better (except if my husband was home with me).

I did not need anything else.

I didn’t even want anything else.

I had it made right then and there.

I realized how I was supremely blessed. Life was/is good.

How easy it is to think that someone or something else would make the grass greener… that life would be better if… if only…

If we do not fully live, with intentionality, where we are, with what and who we have then, and appreciate all these things… then how can we possible appreciate anything else?

I am quite blessed with what I have now. In this moment. I have far more than I deserve.

I want to look for and count the blessing of every moment, so I can live fully and intentionally… and live a life of meaning and purpose. But, if I do not appreciate the now, how can appreciate later?

The life I have now is perfect.

Why can’t I see that in every moment?

Just because life has challenge (and it always has challenges, without fail), it does not mean life is not blessed. It does not mean life is not perfect.

Life is perfect… What does that mean to me? It means living fully where and when I am, with who and what I have, and stopping to pay attention to the blessing in all in this moment. It’s living with intentionality to live this moment well and look for the blessing. It’s the realization that I do not need anything else because what I have, I do not deserve. I do not need anything else because what I have is a major blessing.

I am surrounded by so many wonderful things.

Life is good.

Even in the yuck. In spite of the yuck.

I am supremely blessed right now. I do not need anything else.

I would not have realized this morning how blessed I was, if I had not stopped, looked around and paid attention. I learned through seeing my life from looking at it from so many angles, how blessed I am. I do not want anything else. I do not need anything else. This moment, and the next, are blessings.

Life is good.

Journaling Prompts and Questions:

Journal your thoughts on what you just read.
Stop. Look around. Pay attention to your six senses. Journal what you see, sense, feel, and think about where you are at. What blessings are all around you, ripe for picking and savoring?
What and who have you taken for granted in your life?
What brings you peace and/or joy in this moment? (You cannot say nothing. Find something. You cannot be surrounded by nothing. That’s impossible.)
What blessings do you see around you?
What blessings do you have in this moment?
How can you savor more of what you have and do so in this moment? And then in the next?
Keep looking around as you continue on with life in the next moment and in the moment after that. Keep finding the things to count as blessings. And do so in spite of the yuck.
Life is good. How is it good for you? In this moment? In the next?

Questions About How to Journal (and This is an Interactive Blog)


Greetings, friend and fellow journal keeper. I just wanted to say hello and check in on you. So, how are you?

How is your journaling?

I hope you are well today.

This is an Interactive Blog

I also wanted to make sure to let you know that I want this blog to be interactive. Therefore, please add comments, questions, suggestions, and share your stories. I would love to hear from you. Add a comment to the bottom of any blog. I will publish all comments and will interact with you there.

However, if you wanted to keep our conversation private, there is a comment form on the right side of this blog and is at the bottom. Fill it out and we can talk via email.

What Do You Want Me to Write and Share About Journaling?

Please let me know with adding a comment at the end of any blog post.

Have a blessed day and weekend.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Journaling as a Way to Draw Close to the Lord (Prayer and Bible Meditation)

The main reason why I journal is to draw close to the Lord and spend time with Him. Journaling is how I seek Him and His presence.

It's the best way I've found to do so. After all, when I journal, I use it as a means to pray and listen to Him. I also meditate (think on and ponder) on the Word (the Bible).

This is why journaling means so much to me and is why I've done it for 37 and a half years.

Journaling helps me to focus all of myself on Him and His Word. This spiritual discipline keeps me from getting sidetracked and helps me fully enjoy Him.

Journaling is the best way I've found to spend one-on-one time with the Lord and with His Word. It's how I pray, meditate on the Word, rejoice, worship, and give thanks.

Journaling Prompts and Questions:

With each of these questions, expand upon your answer by journaling why or why not:

Do you want to draw closer to the Lord?
Do You want to spend more time with Him?
Do You want to seek Him and His presence?
Do you want to pray more?
Do you want to meditate, think on, and ponder the Bible?
Do you want to focus all of yourself on the Lord and on His Word?
Do you find that you get sidetracked when you try spending time with the Lord?
Do you want to spend one-on-one time with the Lord? What about with His Word?
How can you use a journal to pray?
How can you use a journal to be in the Bible (read, study, pray through, think through, reflect on, ponder, etc.)?
How can you use a journal to rejoice in Him? To praise Him?
How can you use a journal to worship Him?
How can you use a journal to give Him thanks?

A Journaling Thought

Use your journal as a way to draw ever closer to the Lord and think on the Bible.
(Tip: The more you journal, the more you do those things.)

Having an Extended Sacred Retreat During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Social Distancing (A Time of Blessing)

A Personal Journaling Thought

I’ve said it a few times before and I shall say it again: We live in some crazy and unusual times.

Just yesterday, the governor of my state said we will be in social distancing conditions until May 08th, 2020.


While this was not a surprise, it just reminded me of how important this time was: this forced slow down and forced time at home; this removal from the world and everything in it.

Yes. My reaction was a different one.

I thought how this additional time was important and was something to value and cherish.
The truth is, if I have not been journaling like I have been, I would not have had the fortitude or skills to know to look at this extension of social distancing as something different. I would not have been able to look beyond all the anxiety and terrible repercussions this brings, all the heartache (pain), financial strain, death, sickness, and every challenge imaginable.

Through journaling, I have learned that there is always sunshine and storm in every moment. Always. There are good parts and challenging parts in every moment. The question is not whether the moment is a good or bad one. As a matter of fact, when we look at it like that, we are being small-minded and foolish in our thinking. Moreover, when we look at things in this manner, we are showing how we are not thinking things through at all, but are being emotional. For if we were thinking, we would see beyond the yuck and see what we can turn the moment into something useful instead.

Life never promised to be easy.

Life never promised to lack challenge.

Every moment has the good and the bad. This is a fact.

The question about every moment is whether we will live it mindfully, purposefully, with great meaning, counting every blessing within it… Or if we will take it for granted, find reasons to agonize and complain, ignore it, deny it, and let it slip by.

Journaling helps bring this other and different perspective. Journaling helps us to see how little of life we can control, but how we can 100% control how we respond to everything and everyone that comes our way.

So, social distancing has been extended to May 8th… That is three weeks and one day from today.

Ugh. Just typing that tugged on me and made me wonder if I was really handling this as well as I thought and journaled here.

But, then, I remembered something. I do not have to respond to anything with negative feeling or thought. It is what it is. Does it help to react in a negative manner? (No.) So, what am I going to do with it? How am I going to turn these next three weeks into a blessing instead of a curse? I will ponder this for a bit.

I cannot help but think this:

How many times in our lives have we had an extended period of time like this to stop, slow down, refresh, re-evaluate, take time for introspection, and enjoy the people and pets we live with? And, if you are a believer, how many times have you had an extended sacred retreat like this?

So, that brought up a question in me. Am I going to grab hold of this with both hands and appreciate every second? Or am I going to curse it, complain, moan, groan, worry, get mad, and fill in the blank? Am I going to make this time one of blessing or a curse?

As I type this, I cannot help but me even more inspired to claim this time as time I would not have had otherwise, and I am going to make every second count. I am going to make this an opportunity to have a special sacred retreat, through my daily life, and go deeper than I have ever gone before, to live with more meaning, and to count even more blessings that I already have.

How can I transform myself internally, emotionally, mentally, socially, financially, and spiritually into a better, more thoughtful, more purposeful, more grateful, and a more faithful person? How can I become a woman that counts blessings every moment? How can I become a woman of prayer through all this and after it? How can I become a woman who meditates on the Word day and night through all of this? How can I grow my faith through this?

Journaling Questions and Prompts:

What are your thoughts about what you just read?

How can you turn this time of social distancing into something positive and life-transforming?

How can you turn this time of social distancing into a time of blessing?

How can this time of social distancing be a time of refreshment and retreat (even through
normal life activities)?

How can this time be the best thing that has ever happened to you, in spite of a very trying time?

This blog post is part of:

Journaling Through the Coronavirus (COVID-19): Journaling thoughts, prompts, questions, and exercises

A Love of Journaling Series

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

How Do You Journal?: Journaling How-To, Part 1

How Do You Journal?: Journaling How-To, Part 1

Journal However You Want

Now that we’ve established what journaling is:
Journaling is capturing your life on the page…
It’s a natural progression to wonder how to journal.
How do you journal? The answer is simple: Journal however you want.
No. I am not being cheeky or blasé. I am quite serious.
I journal in a different way every day and actually I journal in several different ways all day long.
I realize my answers are not very helpful if you have never journaled before, but I am being serious in my answer as to how you journal.

How Do You Journal: There Are No Right or Wrong Answers to the Question

How you journal depends on you.
It also depends on the day.
How you journal depends on your mood… the time you have… what is going on around you… what your goal for journaling is… what has happened… etc.
Therefore, there are no right answers as to how to journal, and there are no wrong answers. How you journal is as simple as capture your life on the page, in whatever manner you want, and when you want to do so. You cannot go wrong. Just put something, anything on the page.
The good news is you can try something different with journaling every single time you come to the page. Needless to say, journaling never gets boring.

How Do You Journal?: Write Whatever Comes to Mind

Journal in any way you want to when your writing utensil strikes the page, whether it is a pen or pencil to a piece of paper, or fingers on a keyboard. Write whatever comes to mind.
Yes. It really is that simple.

How Do You Know: The Longer, Fuller, and More Complex Answer

The truth of the matter is the question of “how do you journal” is as simple as: Capture your life on the page in any way you want. But, there is a longer, fuller, and more complex answer to the same question, which I am sure you might want to know.
Let me level with you here.
Do not worry. I will spend several blog posts answering this question, and will even compile several books in this series to help answer this same question.
But, seriously. Journaling is whatever you choose it to be when you sit down to journal. It’s writing the first thought you have, and then the second, and then the third.

How Do You Journal: There Are Two Basic Types of Journaling

One: By hand on paper (Handwriting)
Two: On a digital device (Digitally)

What Type of the Two Types of Journaling Do I Recommend?

I recommend journaling via handwriting AND digitally.
Why do I say that? There are many reasons.
As to the many reasons, there will be multiple blog posts in the upcoming months which will answer this question.
The simplest answer I can give you is: I recommend writing by hand and via a digital device both. Some days, do one of those, some days, do both. The more you switch things up, the more inspired you are when you journal.
But, if something is working, stick with it. Do not switch it up just because. If your journaling is going well doing one type, stick with that. If you ever feel stuck, try another type.

Journaling is Freeing

Journal should calm your heart, free your mind, and set your soul soaring.
If journaling is not offering you those three things, try switching it up and do a different type of journaling. Or journal about something else (something different).

Journal Every Day

How do you journal?
Journal every day.
Yes. I know. Some would say that it is okay to journal whenever you want. Go for it, if you want to do it that way.
Nonetheless, let me share a secret with you (a tip). The more you journal, the more you get out of it. The more you journal, the more meaning you will receive from it and your life will be a great deal more content, peaceful, and blessed.
Journal every day? Yeah. Please try it. The good things in life aren’t free. They cost. Always. The only costs with journaling are time and the type of journal you choose to do. However, if you journal every day, as long as you can, the more you will get out of it. That’s worth both costs.
Journaling, I think, is the most important thing every single human on being on earth can and should do. Thirty-seven and a half years of journaling proves this is true. Take my word for it.
Give it a try. Try to journal every day, for as long as you are able, for 90 days. See what happens.

Journaling Prompts or Questions: 

What do you want to journal? Why?
How do you want to journal? Why?
What part(s) of your life do you want to capture on the page? Why?
Do you want to journal by hand? Why or why not?
Do you want to journal digitally? Why or why not?
Do you want to journal via handwriting and digitally? Why or why not?
What do you want to get out of journaling?
How often do you want to journal?
What do you need to do to ensure you journal every day?

Most Important Lessons of This Blog Post:

~ Journaling is capturing your life on the page.
~ How you journal depends on you.
~ Write whatever comes to mind.
~ Capture your life on the page in any way you want.
~ Journaling is whatever you choose it to be when you sit down to journal. It’s writing the first thought you have, and then the second, and then the third.
~ Journal should calm your heart, free your mind, and set your soul soaring.
~ Journal every day.
~ Let me share a secret with you (a tip). The more you journal, the more you get out of it.

What is Journaling?

What is Journaling? 

Journaling is capturing your life on the page.

That’s the simplest definition.

Journaling is writing about your life on the page, whether it’s one sentence or millions of words.
It’s writing about who you are, what you do, about your day, about your life, what has meaning to you, what you think, what you feel, your dreams and goals, your memories, lessons learned, reflections, to-do list, buy-list, your hopes, your fears, your blessings counted, your challenges, books you read, and so forth.

Announcing the writing of “A Love of Journaling, Book 1”

Announcing the start of my writing the 1st rough draft of a new book on journaling:

A Love of Journaling, Book 1 (Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Journaling: Thoughts, Prompts, Questions, and Exercises)

I will take every blog post in this blog and will edit them and expand them for this book and will add extra material as well.

I will write multiple books in this series.

It’s my plan to write three books and edit them, expand them, add new material, and publish that in a larger book.

In time, I hope to have the largest resource on journaling in the market.

So, stay tuned.

A reflection of our lives during the Coronoavirus (COVID-19)

Journaling Through the Coronavirus (COVID-19): Journaling thoughts, prompts, questions, and exercises

A Love of Journaling Series

A Journaling Thought:

We are in Week 3 of this Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and era (age) or social distancing.
I do not know about you, but in some ways, it seems this has been going on for months and in other ways, it seems like days.
I just read (at 1115 a.m. on April 15, 2020) that there are now over 2 million cases worldwide.

Journaling Prompts or Questions:

Feel free to journal your thoughts about anything shared in “A Journaling Thought.”
So, how are you doing? (Journal your answer. Take your time and think and pray this through. Capture all your feelings and thoughts on the page.)
How is your family doing?
Your home?
Your work?
Your friends?
Your coworkers?
Your church?
Your state?
Your county?
Your city?
Your neighborhood?
Your block?
How would you have answered these questions differently yesterday? Last week? The week before?
How have you been handing things?
How can you handle this situation better?
What have you learned through all this?

It’s Time to Stop and Reflect: Journaling Prompts, Questions, and Exercises:

How much reflection have you had through all this?
How have you been taking care of yourself? Your family?
What have you learned through slowing down?
What have you learned from staying home?
What blessings have you learned you have/had?
Later in life, what do you want to say about how you handled this Coronoavirus situation?
List 25 more blessings you have in your life.

Christian Journaling Prompts and Questions:

What has the Lord said to you through this?
What have you said to the Lord?
What Bible verses, passages, chapters, books have you read through this time?
What verses have you clung to?
What have you prayed?
How is your spiritual life through this?
Have you clung to the Lord and His Word or have you been doing other things?
Have you sought the Lord first through this?
Have you sought the Bible first through this?
How has reading and praying the Bible helped you through this?
How has your faith been shaped through this virus?
How has your faith been forever transformed through this Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Announcing a New Journaling Series

Announcing a New Journaling Series

Journaling Through the Coronavirus (COVID-19): Journaling thoughts, prompts, questions, and exercises

A Love of Journaling Series

Today marks the first official day of journaling posts about journaling during the coronavirus (COVID-19).

I will write several posts about what and how to journal for a peace of mind during these crazy times.

Appreciating life as it is: Counting our blessings

A Journaling Thought:

Appreciating life as it is: Counting Our Blessings

If we do not appreciate what we have now, how can we ever appreciate what we do not have and wish for.

The misery, and the feeling that something is missing, in our lives is often caused by failing to count your blessings for your life, as you know it, right now and in this moment.

Being thankful for what you have in the present tends to help us live better lives.

Count your blessings, not your challenges or cursings or shoulda-woulda-coulda’s.

Our lives are deeply blessed, if only we would slow down long enough to look for our blessings, count them, and write them in our journals.

Journaling Questions or Prompts:

Count 25 blessings fast in your journal.

Do this every day for the next month.

Do this every day for the next year.

How different would your life be if you counted your blessings rather than worry, get upset, etc.?

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Journaling helps us...

Journaling helps us:

~ Vent and expel our yucky thoughts and feelings
~ Work through our emotions
~ Refocus our thoughts
~ Have a better perspective
~ Live a better, purposeful, and more meaningful life
~ See how blessed we truly are, in spite of circumstances
~ Have hope
~ Keep the faith

How do we face the challenges that life brings?

Greetings. How are you this day?

How are you this day as we are in Week 3 of social distancing because of the Coronavirus (CoVID-19)? (How are you really?)

*** Note: Before I continue, every question in this post is a question to answer in your journal and is a journaling prompt. ***

I am going to begin this blog post with several questions for us to answer in our journals. So, please do so and be thorough. These questions are meant to get us to think. So, please, bear with me.

Let’s face the truth. Life is full of challenge. It’s one of those facts of life.

The question is, how do we face the challenges that life brings?

What type are you?: Part 1
a. Do you see the glass as half empty? (Pessimist)
b. Do you see the glass as half full? (Optimist)
c. Do you just see a glass and some liquid? (Realist)

What type are you?: Part 2
Are you feelings focused or thinking focused?

Journaling Questions and Prompts:

Are you more likely to first run your journal or to someone else when you are facing a challenge? Why?

Are you more likely to first run to the Lord or to someone else when you are facing a challenge? Why?

Are you more likely to turn to your Bible or to another book when you are facing a challenge? Why?

How do you define a challenge in your life? Is it good/positive, bad/negative, or indifferent?

How do you handle stress, pressure, or challenge? Why?

How do you wish you handled a challenge in your life?

What challenges you? Explain.

Do you allow a challenge to deal with you or do you deal with the challenge? (This is the most important journaling prompt and question we can ask ourselves today and in this blog post.) Explain. Be thorough.

A Journaling Thought:

We are sentient beings. We have intelligence. We make choices.

We are bigger and smarter than our challenge.

Hence, we must deal with the challenge and not allow it to deal with us.

We can choose to see a challenge as something bad/negative. We can question it, get angry, get sad, and fill in the blank with any other emotional response. But, is a challenge really bad? Why do we choose to see a challenge as something negative? How does seeing a challenge as something bad help us?

Rather, we can see a challenge as something that is just… different. Different does not mean good or bad. It just means something that we are not used to in our lives.

We are beings with intelligence.

We can choose to overcome our challenges, and turn them into something positive. Or we can choose to allow our challenges overcome and overwhelm us to the point that we fail to live each moment as fully and as best as we could.

We can choose to face a challenge with hope of learning a new way and we can make this new way a better way because we choose to do so.

This day of COVID-19 (the Coronavirus) can be a good one, if we choose to see it as such. It does not help us to see it in any other way. We can turn this day into a blessing, not a curse. We can look at what we have and learn to appreciate it fully and in new ways.

After all, if we cannot appreciate what we have, how can we appreciate anything else?

A challenge is our opportunity to learn a new way to handle things better and is a blessing, not a curse.

Let’s take every moment as an opportunity to search for our blessings, not the negatives.

Journaling Questions and Prompts:

What are your thoughts?

How can you turn your challenges into a blessing?

How can you more fully appreciate what you have?

How many blessings can you count today? (Now, go ahead. Journal and count as many as you can.)

How many blessings can you count over the next week?

How many blessings can you count this month? This year? This decade? This life?

A Journaling Prompt: Two days after Easter in the Era of the Coronavirus (COVID-19; Wuhan Flu)

A Journaling Thought:

There are very crazy times. Unusual times.

The world as we know it has been frozen, as we are all in an age of social distancing and are required to stay home to slow the spread of this deadly virus. (Those of us in Virginia have been in isolation since March 30, 2020.) Everything is closed (except grocery stores, home improvement stores, restaurants are carry out or delivery only, etc.) We are in isolation.

More people than ever have filed for unemployment in the United States.

There’s been an oil war between Russia and Saudi Arabia.

The Stock Market tanked.

Aye. Ugh. Yikes! Oh, boy. (Insert any other word or phrase you can think of in exclamation.)

The world as we know it has fundamentally changed.

Our lives have changed.

So, here it is April 14, 2020, Tuesday, as I write this journal entry.

How are you doing? Just wanted to check in with you.

Journaling Prompt:

How are you doing?

How is your home?

How is your family?

How is your work?

How are your friends?

What are you feeling?

What are you thinking?

How are you praying?

What Bible verses and passages have you read? Why? How have they spoken to you? What has God said to you? What have you said to God?

What Bible verses do you keep re-reading? Why? How have they spoken to you? What has God said to you? What have you said to God?

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