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Thursday, October 8, 2020

I want to finish this year strong and live a life of meaning: Reading, journaling, and praying through the Bible as a plan and as a solution

While I may not be able to control anything of the events of the year 2020 or 2021, I do have control of my reaction to each. And since I can control my reaction to 2020 and 2021, I want to finish 2020 strong and begin and live 2021 strong and live a life of meaning and purpose.

How can I live a life of meaning and purpose? It is through living with eternity in mind, not through focusing on anything of this world. It is through living Colossians 3:1-2; John 15:1-I7; Romans 8; Psalm 1, Philippians 4:4-13; 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, etc.

I cannot control anything, other than my reaction to things.

The best life I can live is one centered on the Lord and on His Word (The Holy Bible).


So the best way I can finish this year, begin the next year, and live the next year is through living in the manner that God wants me to live and He tells me/us in the Bible.

I will read, journal, and pray through the Bible, as a plan and as a solution, to living the best and strongest way possible, for the rest of 2020 and continue to do so in 2021. Everything in my life should center on this first and foremost. This is the priority.

Care to join me?

When we grumble, complain, judge, and criticize, are we living a life of purpose and meaning?

When we grumble, complain, judge, and criticize, it means we have gotten our eyes off of the important and off what matters. Remaining in You (Lord) and in the Holy Bible, as John 15 tells us, is what we are to focus on. If we are grumbling, complaining, judging, and/or criticizing, then we are not remaining in Your and in your Word.

How much better, and more meaningful, would our lives be if we realized what we have a problem with really does not matter at all in the grand scheme of things?

Does it help when we grumble, complain, judge, or criticize? Does it make our life, or that of another's, better, purposeful, or more meaningful?

When we get our eyes off of what matters, You and the Bible, we think and do some crazy things.

When we remain in You, Father God, and focus our minds on You and the Bible, we can see things more clearly and focus on the eternal and not on the temporal things of this world. This is when we live a life of purpose. This is when we live a life of meaning.

What is His will for my life in this moment, today, this week, this month...?

What is His will for my life in this moment, today, this week, this month, the rest of this year, next year, and thereafter?

I am struggling with this.

Abba... Father God, help. Please show me the way and help me get out of Your way. Help me work with You in living the purpose You have for me.

Voting and Elections

The most important and serious thing we can do if we are American, and if we are Christian, is to vote.

Our vote determines whether we remain one nation under God or under secularism.

Are we followers of Christ or of the world?

If we vote for a person or against a person... We need to realize this, frankly, does not matter. What matters is what that individual, and his or her party, stands for. Are they (the party) for all the Bible or just the portions they want to agree with or what they hope it says (but really does not)?

We need to make sure we are voting what the Bible says and not what we want the Bible to say.

Our vote needs to be about the Bible and not about whether we like or dislike a person.

What party lives the most Biblical values? (True values and not what we want the Bible to say.)

Do we want to continue to have the freedom to read our Bibles?

Do we want to continue having church?

There is only one party that agrees with and supports this. Whether we like the name of that party, or the individuals in it, does not matter. What matters is the beliefs they profess. Only the Republican party will allow us to read our Bibles, go to church, and stop the genocide of billions of innocents (abortion).

Our vote is not for the person.

Our vote is for our Biblical beliefs.

How can I bring him glory?: What to do for the remainder of 2020 and for 2021?

This year has been a crazy year, that is for sure.

I do not know about you, but it seems like about the time I get my feet back underneath some and I try to rise and stand, I hit another wave that catches me off guard.

I keep trying to stand firm in my faith, but I feel quite lost. As a matter of fact, I am even finding it difficult trying to figure out what to read in the Bible. I cannot stay focused. I am all over the place.

What is God's purpose and priority in my life, starting now and from now on? How can I bring Him glory?

What does the Lord want me to do? In the remainder of this crazy year and then in 2021?

How can I finish this year in the best manner possible, live His will, and live His purpose? How can I bring Him glory?

How about you? Do you feel lost or focused in 2020? What about for 2021?

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